The Start of a New Journey

“Of a good beginning cometh a good ending “, quotes John Heywood.

So amiable is the theory, but what actually is a good beginning folks?

Is it judged by some kind of spiritual or economical beliefs or some tip of the action incidents?

I simply put a good beginning as just a good beginning. A beginning so pure and justified that it just makes all the sense in the world to be begun.

It’s all the start of a journey, beginning from here to the unseen paradise of imagination.

I’ll try keeping the ink of my mind brimmed with glittering and altogether meaningful text.

Welcome to The Writers’ Age!


Holding back will make you lazy!

So far we have been holding on for everything.

Right from pulling away your blanket in the morning to slipping away to the world of dreams in the night, we have been so punctual in delaying every single chores of life just to make them happen in some another ‘Window Time’.

Life’s offering are majestic. The point is how you deal with them.

I suggest you write down the 5 signs of laziness the comment box!

Signs of Laziness
Signs of Laziness

So, let’s just not hold on for anything or it will make you go lazy!