A Time I Had None

Beautiful world it is, living on a beautiful land,

And A beautiful sky spread like a blessing.

Where one may send his words for approval,

I sat there once nodding to those I believed in.

Seems easy to shy away, from world that changes,

At last, change is the law of nature.

Simple it is, as simple it sounds,

There’s just something to live within, a life full of things.

I once had none, just a second behind as I see,

A time where spells were hard to usher.

This be a magical sight, magnificent I believe,

And I just let myself live in it!


Of Places

Long where I troddled,
Place like that puts me on shine tonight.
I see whilst my lifelong wonders,
And I witness it has got it all!
Little do I know, of places from roads,
They stretch straight back from my home.
I just kick it on, push the throttle,
And places long they are gone!

Of love, I talk this time, I got one of mine,
Ample shining thoughts to keep me smile all night.
Her ignorant whisper and furious spine,
And I let my heart seem she’s a love like mine.
Living isn’t enough, love is a part of time,
Let’s love for once I believe was mine !