Be it the first word that comes to my mind,
Be it the idea that invokes me up from dead.

But I’m happy that it leads me on,
From this nothing that I’m living in.
And I’ll still be happy if it shall,
Not help me out anymore.

To answer this question, I’ll question me,
A daring old spark that once could have been fire.
The mistake he does to break away from a mistake,
At least shall find some courtesy to correct it once.

Yes, he be the leader of its own,
He be the firefly in the cold forest.
His lungs breathing hope, to be free,
At the end he shall not perish against the day.

Now that you say, clear words from where did they came,
Those untrue realities that aren’t now.
It’s the way to reach there, where you belong,
And you shall find it easy to make a public announcement.

Beyond all the dark hasn’t stunned the leader,
All the lightening that’s been a sham.
In this blistering night, he shall answer,
With the tomorrow’s tune of alarm.

– Yetesh Sharma


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