Let’s find the Jingle

Voila! As if you hear it right, and still not believe, I have caught your attention.

Not yet?

She looks at me… And she throws me out of her eyes.”

, says a computer script, how far can you believe, it still makes sense.

92.7 Big FM, suno sunao life banao!”
# translation

” 92.7 Big FM, listen; recite, make life!”

,says a jingle from a famous radio station in India.

Drishyam is a translation for the word ‘ the seen or an imagery’ in Sanskrit.
You are mentally programmed to remember visual experiences with much authenticity which usually lasts longer.

Imagery and a jingle share very common factor; rhythem.

One keeps on projecting an expression upto a point that establishes an equilibrium of thoughts. It’s infinity on the positive side, and infinity on the negative side. Even though you know, the point where you began, infinity  began right at the point.

A rhythem keeps the logic in being on infinity more momentous. It doesn’t let you get hurt with a single thought, one single idea; that you are left to suffocate, and left to starve until you die of hunger. Hunger of being alive, hunger of being yourself.

You hit a wall, you push through it !”,
says Captain Hattick, in the Adventures of TinTin.

You have got yourself an imagery, the need is to find a rhythem, a jingle.
It will make you alive once again, the magic stick will spell in your favour.

She will Look at you… And will keep you with herself forever!


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