Burn Up Your Consequences

Sequences, as we talk of, a chain of everything possible.

Consequences are the results.

We suffer from our own consequences.

They inspire us, admire us, trigger us forward and let us dream a newer consequence.

It’s a sham, it’s nothing.

You know your moments gonna come. It’s the end.
But still believe in your consequences, you still rely on impractical complications occurring from errors, mere errors.

You got your wits tight, you got time. The morning, a fresh new start, an afternoon, for breathing hope, the evening, getting on your knees and at the night, a surrender.

You stay together, you still believe, the next morning shall be a new start.

Mind that, it still is.

The consistent light of the sun comes up. It ends the darkest time of the night with a dawn. It’s bright, it’s beautiful.

The sequence keeps on going.

The consistency principle works all the way, that’s how we made it. We created time. It got errors, but still it’s consistent, it’s moving. It’s stopping for none.

But, at the end you have surrendered.
All’s well that ends well.

Burn up your consequences, fucking hell.


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