Where Will You Be In 5 Years?

This is no questionnaire round for Time; Hey! Ho! Your second chance goes now!

Nobody questions Time but in despair and gloom and misfortune.

It doesn’t answer in the bleak of chances ,however chances are one heck of properties of life distinguished by indomitable force of destiny!


What my question today is…

What shall be our future in the next 5 years?

Why only 5 years?

Why not prefer living in the present, dominate it and let the future take care of itself?



  • A sneak into an another minute horrifies us. Its hits our conscience hard knowing the fact that the music you where playing is soon going to end. Maybe because the battery is low or you just got some another important affairs to attend to. Let’s just hear the echo of the future back to us. Its murmuring something. Yes, you can hear it!


  • 5 year span is good to marginalise. Its neither too long nor too short. We got to fix a target point, so we fixed it 5 years. Thats what we want it to be. Our choice, our virtue!


  • Yes, if we had the capability of controlling our present, we surely had the audacity to control our future. And that doesn’t means that we don’t have the capacity to understand things better. Its just that we are awful enough to infer failed realization of subject. This 5th dimension of life waits for none. Be strong in the present, dominate it, and whats just wrong in thinking about the next minute?


Inspired by this fantastic video.




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