Billionaires And Books

I always had a fascination of books.

My childhood summer sports fires were  well extinguished with loads of subject books employed for the completion of homework projects.

I still remember it as a clear movie when at the brim of holidays, I would sum up all the fantastic elements of what I did all the summer.

Books were one of the major time junkie.

Nowadays, we are fascinated with money. Cash, credit or kind or whatever of sort.
It’s like money is going to solve every knot.

Rich get wider array of choices, opportunities far too long and outcomes much as desired.

Maybe that’s a fucking truth, and fucked up hard we all are, racing towards numbers baring the infinity tags and we  having nice time knuckling ourselves down.

Man! How can we be so sure, sure about anything that we don’t know. Yea, we don’t know, we just make guesses.
And simpler it’s getting.

Billionaires share their stories. Fuck their opinions.
They have done their deeds, now they know words to converse. Percieve evidences that supported their cause.

And why theirs?
Even, we are billionaires in ourselves.

What if they are few?
Few of the choicest we are.

Why compare?
Because we are in the need of the silver lining in ourselves.

Security men inside a library prefer playing poker even if they are surrounded by knowledge at their finger tips. Because they are security men. Conditions apply.”

We are we becoming those unconditional security men?
We are all surrounded by vast, vast land of everything possible.

Pick up the book.
Be the billionaire.

Inspired by this fantastic web link.


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