Keep Singing

Keep Singing ,
Because the morning is near.
And in this sadness,
There is a rhythem .

At least be some help to somebody.”

This is a translation from a Hindi song (/ref. Gayee Jaa from Brothers (2015)) .

The sole motive of the lyrics stands at letting a human strive, to be brave and strong until it’s not the benign end. The end that seems to be nothing but hollowness itself.

Every single word of the lyric is a portrayal of how virtually impotent this world is.
But there shall be a sunshine at some point of life.

The assumption is good.

It generates hope.
It sets you free from the prison.
It gives a bit of reason to smile.

Even there’s so much of gloom, sorrowness and suffering in this world, we turn away our faces towards the dark pretending like nothing happened.

Yes, we don’t have to be Messiah.
No one ought to be, but the brave and the leader.

A lot of time had already passed on earth.
Much of the people are already lost in the mazes of their brains. 
Don’t try to create clones of those morons, definitely scientifically.

Keep the spirits high.

Fear keeps you in a prison. Hope sets you free. ”

Keep singing.
The sunshine is right on the way!



Would ya tell me ya name,
Ya master of disguise!
Coz I hate ya more if ya won’t,
In the hell’s name die of shame.

Ya not came,
When I needed ya the most.
Now ya teach me how to wait,
And keep ya eyes open till owl’s sleep.

I know ya know, ya disguise,
Hang this bell on ya neck.
Ring my heart, I shall transfer,
To the world I know, better than ya.

Better be I shall shut ya disgrace,
Ya shall term it praise anyway.

~ Yetesh Sharma @thewritersage

Inspiration from the unknown dangers lurking by our sides.

Where Will You Be In 5 Years?

This is no questionnaire round for Time; Hey! Ho! Your second chance goes now!

Nobody questions Time but in despair and gloom and misfortune.

It doesn’t answer in the bleak of chances ,however chances are one heck of properties of life distinguished by indomitable force of destiny!


What my question today is…

What shall be our future in the next 5 years?

Why only 5 years?

Why not prefer living in the present, dominate it and let the future take care of itself?



  • A sneak into an another minute horrifies us. Its hits our conscience hard knowing the fact that the music you where playing is soon going to end. Maybe because the battery is low or you just got some another important affairs to attend to.¬†Let’s just hear the echo of the future back to us. Its murmuring something. Yes, you can hear it!


  • 5 year span is good to marginalise. Its neither too long nor too short. We got to fix a target point, so we fixed it 5 years. Thats what we want it to be. Our choice, our virtue!


  • Yes, if we had the capability of controlling our present, we surely had the audacity to control our future. And that doesn’t means that we don’t have the capacity to understand things better. Its just that we are awful enough to infer failed realization of subject. This 5th dimension of life waits for none. Be strong in the present, dominate it, and whats just wrong in thinking about the next minute?


Inspired by this fantastic video.




A wise man once told,” Try to make things simple, but not simpler “.

He was right.
In his wits he innovated, experimented, took risks, evaluated, and  gave the world what we see today in our vicinities.

His mind had the power to fly before his veins go frozen.

We don’t have the history specifically stating in what state of mind, he made such a statement.

Of course, simpler elements are easier to understand. Simpler means a wider expanse of people could infer their opinion, and voice out their ideas. Simpler simply can churn out efficiency!

But that wise man once coined this fact, so he coined. He made that point, so their should be a reason.

He could go wrong?
Possibly not this time, I presumed.

His name was Albert Einstein.

Simpler is bad.
Simpler is glorification.
Simpler is no reality.
Simpler is nothing.

Much evaulation curtain out the real implications of the reality.

No reality, no life.


Burn Up Your Consequences

Sequences, as we talk of, a chain of everything possible.

Consequences are the results.

We suffer from our own consequences.

They inspire us, admire us, trigger us forward and let us dream a newer consequence.

It’s a sham, it’s nothing.

You know your moments gonna come. It’s the end.
But still believe in your consequences, you still rely on impractical complications occurring from errors, mere errors.

You got your wits tight, you got time. The morning, a fresh new start, an afternoon, for breathing hope, the evening, getting on your knees and at the night, a surrender.

You stay together, you still believe, the next morning shall be a new start.

Mind that, it still is.

The consistent light of the sun comes up. It ends the darkest time of the night with a dawn. It’s bright, it’s beautiful.

The sequence keeps on going.

The consistency principle works all the way, that’s how we made it. We created time. It got errors, but still it’s consistent, it’s moving. It’s stopping for none.

But, at the end you have surrendered.
All’s well that ends well.

Burn up your consequences, fucking hell.

Let’s find the Jingle

Voila! As if you hear it right, and still not believe, I have caught your attention.

Not yet?

She looks at me… And she throws me out of her eyes.”

, says a computer script, how far can you believe, it still makes sense.

92.7 Big FM, suno sunao life banao!”
# translation

” 92.7 Big FM, listen; recite, make life!”

,says a jingle from a famous radio station in India.

Drishyam is a translation for the word ‘ the seen or an imagery’ in Sanskrit.
You are mentally programmed to remember visual experiences with much authenticity which usually lasts longer.

Imagery and a jingle share very common factor; rhythem.

One keeps on projecting an expression upto a point that establishes an equilibrium of thoughts. It’s infinity on the positive side, and infinity on the negative side. Even though you know, the point where you began, infinity  began right at the point.

A rhythem keeps the logic in being on infinity more momentous. It doesn’t let you get hurt with a single thought, one single idea; that you are left to suffocate, and left to starve until you die of hunger. Hunger of being alive, hunger of being yourself.

You hit a wall, you push through it !”,
says Captain Hattick, in the Adventures of TinTin.

You have got yourself an imagery, the need is to find a rhythem, a jingle.
It will make you alive once again, the magic stick will spell in your favour.

She will Look at you… And will keep you with herself forever!

Paddle Off!

“Paddle off to skies, only that’s what I see!”.

People seek million ways to travel places. People, have cash, credit,or kind to fuel their jouneys. People, however, know people who demand change, and change is the law of nature. People, however, anomously, recognize  this miniature effect of life.

” Only life is what we need, a little sunshine and a rose!”.

Jouneys are distances mingled up with stories. A conflict and a distinctive collaboration of solution seek to find solace in one’s journey.

An unprecedented need is the actual need. Not the prolonged need that puts extra burden on yourself, or you yourself are so incapable of eliminating the need for long.

So, practically it’s the summers out there. Look out of your window, and it’s blazing heat. These can sweat you, consequently dehydrate you, make you fall dizzy and ultimately….

Still you stand up, bring the summers alive and paddle across the skies.

” Aur raha pasine ka swaal, toh sath mei paani ki bottle le laina!”.
For solution of sweating, take a water bottle along!” .

Brings a meaning and logic altogether!