Affinity With Life

Bloop! We are here and this time we are back with a bang. Why? Because your interest shows what is about to be coming in the next paragraphs.

Curiously, I have been a punchy bag from the last month. I am going where someone supposes to and with a one flick of action, the story of life completely transists.

And with my words I can predict where I am going to.
The answer is coming out in a little time, whether it does matter or not.

We are surrounded by people who have minds, and thoughts do they possess and thoughts know no bounds.
No one knows bounds.

You may travel in an erratic behavior once, the next moment you shall be pretty social with people.
So, you be the punchy bag at that moment.

Now, let’s just whirl up a little.
I have come here to post such a crucial topic after watching some hilarious content on YouTube. Will that affect my own content creation?
I doubt it.

But what if I’m sad, and to the 2 billion billion that may get a chance to watch me or my content in one or the other way that I concieve it to be, will my own priorities of being super dramatic can curtain my state of mind, and the viewers shall just pass by?
Fairly possible.

Now, let’s just get into the point of having this conversation.

“You know what you have got to do. Finally adapting to the environment around you, be affinitive to society and persist for a goal.”

My conflict is, are we able to keep with that on our own self or we are just being a punchy bag in declaring that yes! We held up our Affinity With Life…

Indeed we need to question but for once, and rest shall work in its own!


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