Hell, we are fooled,
Yet again,
By our ticky old foe.

He’s writing this text,
With his touch on the screen.
He’s watching the blank space,
Like a red bar waiting to turn blue.

Curious he sounds,
Blinking his eyes and smiling.
He’s fooling others,
Thinking he’s fooling.

To change his destiny,
He rather got guts.
But, he’s waiting,
To end this poem.

He relieves off his words,
Sprinkle it all across virtual space.
Still, believe someone’s there to watch,
And hids in himself a sham.

He’s admant,
To not to end this poem.
Because he’s not imaginative,
And like those poets in the ocean.

He hails from mud,
That’s why he knows nothing.
He is just walking,
And fooling everybody.

For all that he sees,
It’s all there for good, he knows.
And yet he keep seeing,
The good at all times.

At some word, this poem needs to end,
He knows that too.
Still he keeps on composing,
Like it’s creating a meaning.

He was an empty bowl,
Dried by intense sun, his water.
Nobody is there to slap him,
For all curiousness he had.

Maybe he had lost it all,
That’s why he is just composing it right.
And isn’t in a mood to end this all,
He is lonely basketball player.

He is clapping,
Maybe some curiousness still awaits.
He is all there for himself,
He points it all this time.

All remixed, replenished once again,
In an utter new time.
For a memory he had hasn’t faded,
It’s vivid like a volcano fire.

He’s panning out,
To take a flight, rather to walk.
And forget everything he once had,
To let not devoid anymore.

He convinces his peers,
To shut this poem off.
And he won’t post this poem,
Because bokeh is never fake!


Paddle Off!

“Paddle off to skies, only that’s what I see!”.

People seek million ways to travel places. People, have cash, credit,or kind to fuel their jouneys. People, however, know people who demand change, and change is the law of nature. People, however, anomously, recognize  this miniature effect of life.

” Only life is what we need, a little sunshine and a rose!”.

Jouneys are distances mingled up with stories. A conflict and a distinctive collaboration of solution seek to find solace in one’s journey.

An unprecedented need is the actual need. Not the prolonged need that puts extra burden on yourself, or you yourself are so incapable of eliminating the need for long.

So, practically it’s the summers out there. Look out of your window, and it’s blazing heat. These can sweat you, consequently dehydrate you, make you fall dizzy and ultimately….

Still you stand up, bring the summers alive and paddle across the skies.

” Aur raha pasine ka swaal, toh sath mei paani ki bottle le laina!”.
For solution of sweating, take a water bottle along!” .

Brings a meaning and logic altogether!

I Shall Not Forget This Dream

In my much vulnerable days, my elder brother used to fictionalise me with the concept of choosing what to dream.
He would say,” I see whole globe visualizing and asking me where to go, what subject to choose and when to end the dream.”

It’s practically impossible.

Dreamers don’t have choices to what they can dream.

But what if, what you did wanted something to happen, it happened in the dream in the most pure and fundamental way?

It’s lovely but equally hurting.

Sooner you are in the world biting hard with a glance of light in your eyes!

Certainly, a dreamers dream might have been inspired by instances and happenings and incidents and apart from the fact that you may not want to get disturbed, the marginal fractions of life do assemble to make your wish come true.

Sometimes,we say, it was a dream that cracked with a touch of reality.
But who takes the responsibility of our reality which is a deeper dream.

It rules out all possibilities of being real. But finding happiness in little courses of life is what a human is capable of.

I found my dream last night, I shall not forget it… I better should write off!
And so do you!