Way I Sound

Way I sound close and near, so calm,

Way world heard and narrated, so loud.

The show want me to say hard, and speak,

Let freedom set trends big and clear.

Not easily composed the time, it went questioning,

Again and again, those limits strained.

Limitless close to fear and dared to hate,

Life went short and high in meanings.

Not was my way nor did I say it should be,

But it flowed and never paused.

I set trends, one after the another,

It was me, all in me, all unclear.

Now I stepped into the world so new,

That millions words won’t enough be.

Straight road I murmur, it will see,

An end, a winner and a reward all clear.


Paddle Off!

“Paddle off to skies, only that’s what I see!”.

People seek million ways to travel places. People, have cash, credit,or kind to fuel their jouneys. People, however, know people who demand change, and change is the law of nature. People, however, anomously, recognize  this miniature effect of life.

” Only life is what we need, a little sunshine and a rose!”.

Jouneys are distances mingled up with stories. A conflict and a distinctive collaboration of solution seek to find solace in one’s journey.

An unprecedented need is the actual need. Not the prolonged need that puts extra burden on yourself, or you yourself are so incapable of eliminating the need for long.

So, practically it’s the summers out there. Look out of your window, and it’s blazing heat. These can sweat you, consequently dehydrate you, make you fall dizzy and ultimately….

Still you stand up, bring the summers alive and paddle across the skies.

” Aur raha pasine ka swaal, toh sath mei paani ki bottle le laina!”.
For solution of sweating, take a water bottle along!” .

Brings a meaning and logic altogether!