Way I Sound

Way I sound close and near, so calm,

Way world heard and narrated, so loud.

The show want me to say hard, and speak,

Let freedom set trends big and clear.

Not easily composed the time, it went questioning,

Again and again, those limits strained.

Limitless close to fear and dared to hate,

Life went short and high in meanings.

Not was my way nor did I say it should be,

But it flowed and never paused.

I set trends, one after the another,

It was me, all in me, all unclear.

Now I stepped into the world so new,

That millions words won’t enough be.

Straight road I murmur, it will see,

An end, a winner and a reward all clear.

Monday, Back To School

I was hurtling down my Facebook memory lane, when I came across a post prior to the day of first attendance after holidays.

Apparently, this post is not about that post.

Mondays bring dilemma in every humans’ life. He fits in his Sundays so well, that he doesn’t want to try an another outfit the following days.

Time never stops.
Symbolically, it keeps on moving.
And we have to get back to our schools when Monday hits the present.

This evident process keeps on going. 7 days, a week (24*7), we keep on spending our days. All for good or maybe simply disasters!

We meet and greet people. Share our ideas, opinions and other information so and so forth. We explore our newer future. We look onto our beards that grown by bits. We stare at the virtues passing by. We imagine things, gossip about someone we don’t like, watch movies, read  newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, hoardings, sidewalls. We keep digging our thoughts up, bring them to light and showcase before the world a better version of ourselves. We just simply live up this world.

And with living, we learn.
Learn in the school of life.

It’s open, everybody have enrolled themselves into it.
We are playing hard to get on the top of academics, sports, music, language, experimentation!

So we are back into the school, not from Mondays but from everyday, with our every sight!